windows 365

You might have noticed that we’ve refreshed our brand and website recently! Our senior leadership team decided it was time for a new look to better represent Axon’s vision and core proposition. The refreshed brand and website now lead with our purpose, to provide cutting-edge advice and implement ‘Transformational technology – Just the way you need it’.

Axon traditionally had a partnership with clients where they would predominantly contact us when they had an IT problem that needed fixing. With technology advancing and our skillset expanding, today we are more focused on forming strategic technology partnerships with our SMB clients. This includes readily sharing the latest technology updates and understanding and inputting into our clients’ technology roadmaps to fulfil their objectives and to help solve business and process challenges.

 Axon’s core services today include three different IT support packages alongside solutions driven to boost business efficiencies, team collaboration and ultimately profit. Some of our main solutions offer the latest in cyber security, internet connectivity and a suite of Microsoft applications including Teams, Dynamics, SharePoint and Power BI.

On our brand and website refresh, Tim Mears, our MD, said “The technology world evolves so quickly, and we have to be ahead of the consumer curve for our clients. Our knowledge, advice and solutions keep them at the fore of the latest innovations to meet their objectives and the end game – better efficiencies and more profit. The refreshed Axon brand represents the business we are today and our switch from service-led to client-led. It’s also a much better reflection of our team’s personality and culture.”


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