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Are you aware that Microsoft Office 365 does not backup your data?

Most Office 365 users assume that backup is included as standard. In fact, it isn’t and if you don’t have separate back up you could be at risk of losing your emails and important work files. Imagine how you’d feel if you lost your business-critical data.

If you’re relying on Office 365 currently – you need Axon’s cloud backup managed service.

Protect your Office 365 content no matter where it lives

Comprehensive backup

 An unlimited backup service for your Microsoft Office 365 assets in SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Project Online, OneDrive for Business, Groups, Teams, Planner, and Public Folders.

Recover in minutes not in days

Without having to pick up the phone, schedule restore windows, or perform site-level rollback, easily restore your Office 365 artifacts for sites, libraries, OneDrive, mailboxes, Groups, or Teams.

Worry-free backup

We run automatic backups up to four times a day and retain 100% of your data for one year. Unlimited backup subscriptions give you the flexibility you need, and the protection you want.

Backup on your terms

Choose to securely store your Office 365 backup data in Microsoft Azure Storage.

The most complete cloud-to-cloud backup solution

Axon Cloud Backup is the industry’s most complete cloud-to-cloud backup solution for Office 365. With unlimited, automated backups, and secure storage in Microsoft’s Azure, you just decide how much to recover, and when.

On-demand and granular, item-level restore provides anytime access for your business-critical emails, One-Drive and SharePoint files, Teams conversations, projects, tasks, Groups, Teams, Planner, and sites. Help connect your users with their lost content by automating restores with AVA, your own Virtual Assistant.

One platform to backup all your Office 365 content for comprehensive backup

  • Near-zero configuration for daily backup plans and target protection is up to 4 backups per day (or every 6 hours)
  • Protection for Office 365 content including: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Project Online, OneDrive for Business, Groups, Teams, Planner, and Public Folders
  • Built-in business rules and filters enable you to quickly choose which content you want to backup
  • Store backups in our scalable Azure Storage with minimal configuration, or in your cloud or data centre of choice with support for Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and any data destination accessible via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and any S3 compatible storage
  • With Multi-Geo support for Office 365, backup data can be stored, retained, processed, security trimmed, and managed entirely in-country, guaranteeing data security and sovereignty
  • Further safeguard your data from cyberattacks or leakage by bringing your own Microsoft Azure Key Vault Encryption Key to meet compliance regulations around sensitive data
  • Enable the ability to find, select and delete users’ Mailbox and OneDrive backup data to meet “Right-to-be-Forgotten” rule under the EU GDPR Article 17

AVA admin report for granular restore

  • On-demand, granular recovery of Office 365 content – including mailboxes, conversations, projects, tasks, calendars, files, Public Folders, Groups, Teams, and Planner- to the online or offline storage of your choice while maintaining all metadata and permissions
  • Granular restore doesn’t just mean an individual document or version—perform security rollbacks to undo unintended permissions changes
  • Restore content and conversations to mailboxes, OneDrive, Groups, or sites—not just to its original home
  • Export and restore content outside of Office 365, including the ability to restore mail items to a PST, documents to a file share, and download Teams Files and Channel Conversations via the Export feature
  • Recover quickly with time- or object-based restores by locating business-critical files or emails with full-text search capability for rapid discovery
  • Delegate restores to lower-level administrators and power users in Cloud Backup by any Office 365 scope
  • AVA, AvePoint’s (the backup provider) Virtual Assistant, is a chatbot that automatically responds to end users’ chat requests to recover and restore lost content

Concerned that Microsoft 365 isn’t backing up your critical data? Get in touch to see how we can help