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Are you a medium-sized company that’s looking to accelerate your digital transformation?

Many are, at the moment, to avoid falling behind their competition when it comes to digital transformation.

With the global pandemic rapidly advancing digital trends, we’ve seen medium-sized businesses grappling with how cloud-based technologies can enable their success in the face of external pressures.

Here are some key challenges that we’re seeing medium-sized companies face, with a view on how embracing the cloud can enable more nimble, digital-first operations.

Empowering talent:

Evolving employee needs, a highly constrained talent environment and new ways of working expectations are pressuring companies to rethink everything, including how they hire, upskill their talent, elevate their employee experience and build culture. The cloud can help by bringing new tools, unlocking capabilities and enabling new experiences.

The need for robust cyber security:

Cyber breaches are increasing, with medium-sized operations becoming more attractive targets for hackers. Cloud-native cyber solutions can help bring best-in-class and ever-evolving protection to businesses of all sizes.

Unlocking growth and innovation:

Business is becoming borderless, which means medium-sized businesses must look to attract and retain customers. Cloud solutions unlock access to new business models and outsized growth opportunities, with the ability to scale, reach global audiences, track customer journeys and, ultimately, expand market share.

But how can tech help solve your business challenges?

The cloud can play a fantastic role in helping empower and improve retention of your employees, offer robust cyber security and unlock growth and innovation.

Here are four ways to maximise your cloud journey:

  • Start small and invest in what your business needs most
  • Focus on unlocking value, not just tech
  • Make simplification a core principle
  • Commit to the journey

Although 70% of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are now using the cloud in some capacity, everyone’s digital journey is different. Where you go will depend on your business needs, your people and your long-term goals.

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