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Is Microsoft Copilot really the future of productivity? 

The latest AI assistant is set to transform the way businesses operate, making a huge array of tasks more efficient and data-driven, as well as boosting creativity. It’s been described as a far more modern and useful version of the old-school Microsoft assistant, Clippy! 

In a recent webinar, Axon’s experts Tim Mears and Dan Turner investigated the capabilities of Copilot, including live demos and expert insight. 

Read below for a summary of the key takeaways from the webinar or watch it in full any time here.

Setting the stage for AI 

The development of AI tools means the role of businesses and the way we work could soon look very different. AI is set to play a leading role in reshaping work dynamics with new levels of efficiency and innovation. Copilot is one key example of how technology can quickly make a transformative impact on modern business operations. 

Understanding AI 

Before we dive into Copilot, let’s first get a quick summary of the capabilities of AI as a whole. The various technologies under the AI umbrella, and their capacity to mimic human cognitive functions and perform complex tasks, have already led to the development of ground-breaking new tech like machine learning and natural language processing. 

The need for AI in modern workplaces 

Businesses today face a heap of challenges, from ever-escalating workloads to constant streams of information. AI has the potential to solve these challenges, empowering employees to work smarter, not harder. However, we should also take into account the ethical and data privacy concerns that accompany AI adoption. 

Introducing Copilot 

Microsoft Copilot is the latest solution poised to address these challenges, unlocking the full potential of AI in the workplace. Copilot is an AI-powered service integrated across the full Microsoft product suite, offering users a virtual assistant to help them complete their tasks. 

Copilot options 

There are currently three main options for Copilot: 

  • Copilot Free: Uses Bing search data to assist with content generation and tasks. It’s a great option for personal use, but it lacks organisational resources and commercial data protection. 
  • Copilot with Commercial Data Protection: Included in select Microsoft licenses, this option ensures the protection of both user and organisational data. 
  • Copilot for Microsoft 365 (Enterprise Level): Positioned as the pinnacle of Copilot offerings, this version leverages the latest GPT language model and enterprise-grade security features inherent in Microsoft 365, ensuring data privacy and compliance. 

Unlocking efficiency with Copilot 

Copilot has a whole range of capabilities across the full suite of Microsoft applications. Here’s a quick overview of what it can do: 

  • Outlook: Facilitates efficient email management, summarisation, and response generation. 
  • Word: Enhances document creation and editing, offering suggestions and generating content based on prompts. 
  • PowerPoint: Simplifies slideshow creation, using prompts to generate presentations swiftly. 
  • OneNote: Augments note-taking capabilities, offering summarisation and task management features. 
  • Excel: In its preview phase, promises data analysis and visualisation capabilities. 
  • Teams: Enhances collaboration in meetings, providing real-time summaries, transcription, and action item generation. 

Navigating the future with AI 

Having an open-minded perspective on the future of AI-driven work can help organisations move into the future with confidence. By embracing AI responsibly and using tools like Copilot, businesses can reshape the way that they work to unlock new opportunities, remain innovative, and stay ahead of competitors. 


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