Office 365 backup

The complete data backup solution for Microsoft 365

Did you know: Microsoft Office 365 doesn’t automatically back up your data?

Many people are surprised to hear this fact, but Microsoft’s own service agreement recommends that you regularly backup your data using third-party services.

Here’s why backing up your business’s data is essential:

is the average cost of a data breach for SMBs

of SMBs reported cyber attacks last year

of businesses have been impacted by data loss in the cloud

Your safety net

from cyber attacks to accidental deletion

With cyber attacks on the rise and remote working becoming increasingly popular, more business-critical data is being stored in the cloud, making a day-to-day backup solution more important than ever.

Why choose Axon Backup?

Axon’s cloud backup service is the perfect complement to Microsoft 365, providing one data protection solution for your most critical Microsoft 365 services.

Exchange Online backup

Email, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, journals, public folders

SharePoint backup

Site collections, subsites, lists, folders, files, versions

OneDrive for Business backup

Full account, folders, files, versions

Teams backup

Conversations, calendar, files, notebook, modern team sites

How it works

Automated backups

Snapshots of your Microsoft 365 data are automatically saved up to six times a day, with no storage limits, overages, or additional installations. Automated discovery enables you to immediately back up tenants as they are added, ensuring business continuity is maintained from the start.

Industry-leading data protection

Data never leaves Microsoft Azure, equipping you with all Azure’s built-in security and data governance measures. Additionally, your data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption at-rest and 128-bit encryption in-transit.

Flexible restore options

Perform full, granular, and point-in-time restore options with the click of a button. This empowers you to mitigate data loss events, bad actors, and service outages on-premises and in the cloud.

Frequently asked questions

Why is cloud backup needed for Microsoft 365?
Having data in a cloud-based SaaS solution like Microsoft 365 doesn’t necessarily protect you from threats. In order to truly protect your data in the cloud – especially in an era of increased remote work scenarios – you need a cloud backup solution. Data loss can occur from any number of causes – from accidental deletion to malicious attacks like viruses and ransomware. Furthermore, Microsoft’s own recommendation is for end users to leverage a third-party data protection solution like Cloud Backup to extend the native data retention policies of Microsoft 365. With a solution like Cloud Backup, small business customers can thus quickly and accurately recover from unfortunate data loss incidents involving this productivity data with minimal disruption, mitigating possible data loss costs.
What are some potential data threats when it comes to using the cloud?
Using cloud-based services can offer customers significant advantages with regards to scalability, cost, productivity, and efficiency, among others. However, the cloud still poses security risks for users, as viruses, ransomware, and other data breach risks can still impact user data in the cloud. In fact, analysts point to the fact that 32% of businesses are impacted by data loss in the cloud at some point, with the most common causes being user error (64% of cases) and malicious attacks (20%).
How does a cloud backup solution work?
Cloud backup complements native data protection features in Microsoft 365 by providing up to six automated backups per day across the Microsoft 365 tenant. Coverage includes user data found in Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams. It protects data with unlimited storage and retention, and maintains productivity with rapid search and one-click restore that empowers customers to quickly recover from data loss or corruption.
What are your Cloud Backup storage options?
Cloud Backup storage is in Microsoft Azure, and you can determine the storage location, based on two options available for each subscription:

Use Axon’s Azure server: If you decide to use Axon‘s default Azure server, you can select the location of the data centre where the backup will be housed, including the US, Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, North Europe, Singapore, UK West, UK South, West Europe, France, Germany, Norway, South Africa, and Switzerland.

Bring your own Azure storage: You can also select your own Azure tenant or a customer’s Azure tenant for the data storage.

Is Axon Backup HIPAA compliant?
Yes, Axon Backup conforms to all the HIPAA requirements of a Business Associate. Once a covered entity completes and signs our Business Associate Agreement (BAA), we can create a HIPAA-compliant Cloud Backup subscription. The BAA contains the elements specified at 45 CFR 164.504(e), including:

  • A description of the permitted and required uses of protected health information by Axon.
  • The provision that Axon will not use or further disclose the protected health information other than as permitted or required by the contract or as required by law.
  • Requirements to use appropriate safeguards to prevent a use or disclosure of the protected health information other than as provided for by the contract.
How is Axon Backup different than the rest of the competition?
It is a premium data protection service for Microsoft 365, giving partners a powerful tool to help small businesses quickly and accurately recover from productivity data loss. Its differentiating features as a Microsoft 365 backup solution are:

  • Comprehensive backup coverage across the Microsoft 365 portfolio – including the latest collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Groups
  • Ability to offer unlimited backup storage and retention – including deleted users
  • Powerful search and restore capabilities to quickly recover from data loss
  • Industry-leading security and privacy policy support – HIPAA and GDPR compliance at no extra charge
  • Full cloud-to-cloud solution built exclusively on industry-leading public cloud provider Microsoft
How does Axon Backup integrate with Microsoft 365?
Axon Backup operates adjacently, but distinctly from a Microsoft 365 subscription. We leverage the latest industry and Microsoft security protocols – such as MFA – to securely connect customer Microsoft 365 subscriptions with the Axon Backup functionality.
What type of Microsoft 365 data can be protected using Axon Backup?
Axon Backup is a market-leading Microsoft 365 backup solution for small businesses. Its backup scope includes the complete set of Microsoft 365 productivity data that small businesses rely on to collaborate, communicate and operate efficiently, from Exchange Online information (mail, calendars, contacts, notes, etc.) to SharePoint libraries and data, OneDrive files and folders, and data stored and used by Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.
What happens if a user does not exist any longer, or a user’s information is deleted?
Axon Backup retains all data from deleted users. The data can be restored to a public or shared mailbox, or to another user.
How much data is stored, and how long can I keep it?
There is no limit to how much user mailbox data is backed up by Axon Backup, nor is there a time limit to how long it is retained, provided your customers maintain an active subscription.
How long does it take to restore an item?
The time it takes to restore varies on the amount of data restored. Individual items can take as little as a couple of minutes while full mailboxes can take multiple hours depending on how much data is being restored.

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