Dynamics 365 business benefits

Looking for a CRM to streamline your processes? Many are complicated to deploy and are packed with features SMEs won’t even use. By connecting data and teams, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM offers contact management, a view of the sales pipeline, order management and reporting. Its selling point: the system integrates with common tools, such as Outlook & PowerBI. Plus, impressive AI tech automates repetitive tasks – saving time and cutting costs.

The cloud-based CRM is an epic platform that empowers businesses to align teams as they scale. Let’s dive deeper into the details of its best benefits:

1. Gathers detailed customer insights

An insight guru and customer service coach rolled into one. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers engagement insights across all sales touchpoints. Plus, by learning from sales calls and highlighting priorities, it can instruct your agents to make the most of their time.

2. Simple to use and install

Because Dynamics 365 sits in the cloud, it’s easy to use and install. And since it integrates with your current tools and systems, it becomes familiar quickly.

3. Successful remote collaboration

As mentioned, the system integrates with tools like Teams and Outlook, so employees can collaborate on projects from anywhere. Also, the clever dashboards can be updated in real-time by multiple users.

4. Creates a positive customer experience

Trying to improve customer loyalty? The platform can connect your business with customers at touch points throughout the sales funnel. By using consistent messaging informed by insights, you’ll build up trust for your brand.

5. Improves business productivity

Stalled projects will become a thing of the past with Dynamics. By looking ahead with accurately forecasted data, you can make quick, informed decisions. And your team will be able to focus on key priorities, leaving repetitive tasks to the handy automation tool.

6. Looks to the future

The system pulls sales data into CRM dashboards to build up a view of your sales pipeline. The benefit? An informed insight into the future that will let you adapt quicker than your competition.

7. Closes in on sales

Increase the speed and success of sales calls with Dynamics 365. By accessing callers’ information, the system can direct customers to the best experienced sales agent. There’s no need to put customers on hold to gather more information – your dashboard will show a real-time view of customer and product data. After a call, it’ll report back key learnings too, continuously improving customer service.

8. Expands with your business

Dynamics 365 is jam-packed with impressive features, but you don’t need to buy them all at once. Start with the essentials and bolt on tools as your business requires them.

9. Keeps data under lock and key

Never worry about data protection. Microsoft Azure’s tight security offers twenty-four-hour data recovery and tech support to give you peace of mind.

10. Organises your projects

Struggling to organise the workload? With sight of lead-related data, teams can prioritise urgent and important tasks. It’s able to see who is assigned to a job too – now no one will duplicate work.

See the benefits for yourself

After running through the benefits, we can all agree that Dynamics 365 is a great tool. However, SMEs won’t need the full Enterprise version. The solution? A quick and cost-effective alternative that offers all the best bits of Dynamics CRM.

We’ve sorted all the techy stuff, meaning you’ll have access to it in 24 hours. Want to know more? Get in touch to book a demo today.