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Do you ever feel like your sales and marketing teams spend too much time on administrative tasks like CRM (customer relationship management) updates? Plenty of businesses have experienced a drain on their energy and creativity, as they get stuck responding to emails, completing dull tasks and working in silos. 

If left unaddressed, these challenges can lead to lost revenue, especially at a time when customers are demanding more personalised experiences. New tech is needed to keep up with increased demands – could Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Copilot, the new cutting-edge AI CRM tool designed to power businesses into the future, be the answer? Read on to find out more about the features of Microsoft Copilot, and the innovation it’s expected to bring to sales, marketing, and customer service. 

Empowering sales with Copilot 

Here are a few ways Copilot enables sales teams to better engage with their customers and deliver more informed interactions: 

Enhancing productivity 

Copilot features help sales teams manage time, enhance productivity, alleviate workloads and close deals. 

Improving email interactions 

Sellers often spend considerable time drafting email responses to customers. Copilot draws on CRM data to automate part of this process and offer tailored responses. 

Delivering instant meeting summaries 

Copilot can record and transcribe calls, as well as capture key highlights, questions and follow-ups, creating a customer ready summary including CRM data and context from earlier meetings. 

Prioritising opportunities 

Copilot can also help sales teams identify high-value opportunities, allowing them to focus on the most promising leads and nurture valuable connections. 

“As we look ahead, we believe this next generation of AI will unlock a new wave of productivity growth, with powerful copilots designed to remove the drudgery from our daily tasks and jobs, freeing us to rediscover the joy of creation.” – Satya Nadella, Microsoft Chairman and CEO. 

How Copilot accelerates marketing 

Here are some examples of how Copilot enhances marketing teams’ ability to strategise, adapt and connect with customers: 

Accelerating customer insights 

With Copilot in Dynamics 365, marketing teams can access and explore larger amounts of data and receive instant results. 

Simplifying segmentation 

To save time in creating or enhancing segments, Dynamics 365 Copilot allows marketers to describe target groups in natural language, rather than learning specialised query techniques. 

Generating creative campaign ideas 

Copilot allows marketers to get a head start on campaign creation, creating high-quality content faster and with less effort. They can rapidly generate ideas based on an initial topic and even create first drafts of blog posts, ads or other content in seconds. 

Improving email relevance 

Copilot can be used to elevate email marketing, generating engaging text with a customisable tone from key points they provide. 

Delivering exceptional customer service with Copilot 

Here’s how Copilot helps customer service teams keep pace with growing workloads: 

Freeing time to connect with customers 

Customer service teams can use Copilot to quickly find resources, efficiently handle cases and automate time-consuming tasks, 

Responding to customer needs 

By taking advantage of Copilot features, customer service teams can spend less time searching for content and drafting replies, and more time interacting with customers. 

Creating engaging chatbots 

Copilot helps organisations build and deploy chatbots that engage customers naturally and intuitively. They can handle routine tasks, answer frequent questions and provide personalised experiences around the clock. 

Are you thinking of incorporating Copilot into your business processes? Axon specialises in deploying bespoke and off-the-shelf Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions for SMEs. Get in touch to speak to one of our experts for an initial chat.