Join us for a cutting-edge webinar

An introduction to
Microsoft Copilot

Thursday 18th April 2023, 11am GMT

Join us for our upcoming webinar – An introduction to Microsoft Copilot! Is Microsoft 365 Copilot really the future of productivity?

It’s the talk of the town – Microsoft 365’s new AI assistant, Copilot, has landed, and it’s set to redefine the way businesses operate in the digital era.

Microsoft has already been integrating AI capabilities into Edge and Windows 11, but the rollout of Microsoft 365 Copilot to enterprise customers in November 2023 stole the spotlight.

This revolutionary AI assistant promises to bring efficiency, data-driven insights, and a touch of creativity to your daily tasks, seamlessly integrating into a range of Microsoft 365 apps for a more streamlined, efficient, and creative work experience.


What to expect?

Is Copilot really all it’s hyped up to be? Join Axon’s Tim Mears and Dan Turner as they investigate – including live demos and expert insight! They’ll be explaining how Copilot can help you:

Unleash your data insights in Excel

Communicate effortlessly in Outlook

Collaborate like a pro in Teams

Become a wordsmith in Word

Elevate your presentations in Powerpoint

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