Microsoft Teams security

Microsoft Copilot is here, and businesses all over the world are currently getting to grips with its range of features, which promise to unlock the full potential of AI tech in the workplace. 

Here at Axon, we’ve already covered how to use Copilot to boost your productivity across the suite of Microsoft 365 apps like Excel, PowerPoint and Teams. 

However, many businesses aren’t yet aware of Copilot’s cyber security benefits. Integrated within the Microsoft Security suite, Copilot offers natural-language guidance and actionable insights tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, making it easier to detect and respond to threats in real time. 

By familiarising yourself with these features early, you can make Copilot your business’s cyber security secret weapon! Find out more below. 

Copilot’s key cyber security features 

Streamlined security operations 

Copilot isn’t just another tool; it integrates seamlessly with your existing Microsoft Security setup. It takes the data from all your security tools and turns it into actionable insights, making your job easier and more efficient. 

Personalised guidance 

One size does not fit all in cyber security. Copilot offers customised recommendations that fit your unique security needs, ensuring that you’re not just reacting to threats but proactively defending against them. 

Trustworthy AI  

With Copilot, you can confidently roll out AI across all business functions, knowing that Microsoft’s top-notch security and compliance controls have got your back. 

Copilot protection across Microsoft platforms 

Microsoft Defender XDR  

Imagine having unified visibility and integrated AI assistance to detect and disrupt sophisticated cyberattacks. That’s what you get with Defender XDR. 

Microsoft Intune  

Managing and protecting your devices and data just got a whole lot easier. Intune, with Copilot, simplifies endpoint management, ensuring your compliance. 

Microsoft Purview  

Your data deserves the best protection, and Purview, with Copilot, offers robust governance to keep sensitive information safe throughout its lifecycle. 

Microsoft Entra  

Secure access management across all platforms and clouds is crucial. Supported by Copilot, Entra enhances identity protection and access control, making sure the right people have access to the right resources. 

Copilot in the cloud 

As businesses move more of their operations to the cloud, security needs to keep up. Microsoft’s cloud security solutions, supercharged by Copilot, provide robust protection. 

Microsoft Defender for Cloud 

Whether you’re using Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud, Defender for Cloud offers comprehensive security across your entire cloud environment. 

Microsoft Cloud Security Posture Management  

This tool helps you see the big picture, providing visibility and insights to keep your security posture strong and resilient. 

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By getting on board with Microsoft Copilot, you aren’t just responding to today’s cyber security threats, you’re also preparing for tomorrow’s challenges. By automating and enhancing your security processes, Copilot frees up your team to focus on growing your business. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Microsoft Copilot can help you transform your business with AI, get in touch today to speak to one of our experts for an initial chat. 

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