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With the pandemic now a thing of the past (fingers crossed) it’s clear that in many industries, remote work is here to stay. 

More remote workers than ever are now taking advantage of Microsoft Teams thanks to its extensive chat, video call and collaboration features. 

So, how can you use Teams to get more done in less time? We’ve put together a list of a few top tips for taking your remote productivity up a notch with Teams. 

Use Copilot to collaborate like a pro 

It’s the talk of the town – Microsoft 365 Copilot has now been rolled out to enterprise customers, and it’s set to bring a whole host of new abilities to Teams. 

Whether it’s agenda setting, organising discussion points, or formulating action plans, Copilot is your ally in Teams. It even provides meeting summaries, ensuring everyone stays in the loop. 

Want to know more? Click here for a full roundup on Copilot. 

Bring your voice calls into the 21st century 

With the PSTN switch off looming in late 2025 and traditional landlines being replaced with VoIP services, many businesses will be preparing by taking advantage of the Microsoft Teams Phone service to modernise their voice calling systems.  

Save yourself a potential headache next year by making the switch now! If you’re interested in setting up Teams calling for your business, click here for more info. 

Make virtual meetings count 

Virtual meetings can be invaluable, but don’t just call them for the sake of it! Create and share meeting agendas in advance and encourage active participation. Take advantage of Teams’ screen sharing abilities to give your presentations a bit of extra oomph. 

Edit collaboratively 

Tired of file version chaos? Teams and Microsoft 365 apps are your dream team. Playing file ping pong by sending endless versions back and forth should be a thing of the past thanks to Teams’ collaborative editing features. Multiple team members can work on a document simultaneously, eliminating any annoying version control issues. 

Get notifications on your terms 

Notifications should be there to assist you, not to boss you around! Customise your alerts to avoid unnecessary interruptions during focused work periods. Prioritise notifications for your most important channels or mentions, letting you stay in the know without drowning in messages while you’re trying to get stuff done. 

Stay secure 

Keep your sensitive documents and info safely under lock and key by familiarising yourself with Teams’ security features. Use multi-factor authentication to prevent your account from being hijacked, and keep Teams updated to the latest version to keep on top of the latest industry regulations. 


So, there you have it – your guide to turning Microsoft Teams into your remote work sidekick. As remote work looking set to be an integral part of the modern workplace for the foreseeable future, having tools like Teams at your fingertips will make all the difference. 

Want to get your organisation started with Teams? Axon IT can help you implement and optimise Microsoft Teams, ensuring your team is equipped with the essential tools they need. Contact us for an initial chat.