Axons celebrates 20 years

Wow, we can’t believe Axon has hit the 20-year mark! The past 20 years have been a blast and here are some of our highlights and how we’ve transitioned into the business we are today.

We originally started out as a Microsoft training company, before moving to managed IT services. As technology needs have evolved, we’re now focused on having a deep understanding of our clients’ business processes, advising, and implementing transformational technology solutions.

One of our highlights over the years includes being advisors to Microsoft UK. We’re frequently asked to attend roundtables with multinationals to input into the Microsoft Partner Programme and product development – including Microsoft 365.

Commenting on the evolution of Axon, our MD Tim Mears said: “We’ve done well at being ahead of the curve in terms of technology – I’m proud of that. The technology industry evolves quickly, and we keep up with the changes and that’s testament to our team. We’re not afraid to make mistakes. You must keep changing as technology evolves and we’ve had to be fluid. We’ve attracted team members with this mentality.”

We take pride in being innovative and leading the way. As part of this we’ve developed our own in-house Microsoft Dynamics CRM team. Dynamics is complex to implement and not many IT companies try to set up their own team. Axon’s Dynamics team is going from strength to strength and we have developed a product called Dynamics Now. This is an automated solution whereby SMEs can have the best parts of Dynamics, the things they really need like their pipeline, a CRM, etc, literally at the click of a button.

With a focus on enhancing business performance through technology, we help to proactively solve business problems and support business advancement and growth. Some of our solutions include Microsoft Licensing, Security Managed Services, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Telephony, Technical Support, Internet Connectivity, Microsoft Cloud Azure and Microsoft Dynamics.

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