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Are you happy with your current customer relationship management system (CRM)? Most SMEs aren’t, yet how do you decide on which option to switch to? There are so many CRM solutions out there, and what’s the best way to deploy Dynamics CRM? Most are too comprehensive for an SME – they take too long to deploy, are expensive and they have lots of extra things which you don’t really need.

Getting the right CRM for your SME

If you don’t get the right CRM for your business, we know that you’ll struggle to get your team to use it consistently and correctly. You want the ideal solution, which everyone can get onboard with.

At Axon, we wanted to meet this challenge head on. We explored Microsoft Dynamics CRM to see how we could strip out all the things that SMEs don’t want that are in the enterprise version. Being an SME ourselves and having worked with hundreds of SMEs in the past we took onboard this knowledge to create an CRM that would be super useful.

Deploy your CRM in 24 hours

Axon’s SME Dynamics CRM is an automated solution – which means that we can deploy it in just 24 hours. It’s super quick and cost-effective to set-up. It’s got everything you need – contact management, sales pipeline, order management, reports and app integration.

As it’s an ideal solution for SMEs, you’ll find it easy to use, with positive uptake across your team. With improved communication and collaboration, you’ll have a CRM where users can work seamlessly with each other. As your team are all onboard, your CRM will become a consistent company-wide source of real-time information so you can make better decisions.

Dynamics is a cloud-based system which allows you to use your CRM anywhere, on any device. It can be customised and extended to fit the unique needs of your business.

Get in touch today to chat about how Axon’s SME Microsoft Dynamics solution will benefit your business.