Last month we tuned into the annual Microsoft Inspire event to find out what’s instore in the world of tech transformation. As always Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft’s keynote was immense! He spoke about the huge impact of the pandemic on technology. In Satya’s words “every company will need to be a technology company”. In this era of change, tech is key to remaining resilient and to maintaining growth. This article shares an insight into the future of tech.

COVID-19 – a catalyst for change

The pandemic has proven to be one of the most challenging periods in history. At the same time, it’s marked an era of epic change. Digital technology has and will continue to be crucial to resilience and transformation as a society and in business. It’s made it possible for us and you as businesses to carry on, to scale, even to transform – above all to meet customer needs.

Become a tech led business

MS Cloud is the ideal solution as it’s completely suited to a modern and changing work environment. MS Cloud has everything you need all in one place:

  • Business applications
  • Infrastructure
  • Future-proof digital and app innovation
  • Data and AI
  • Security features

As the most comprehensive and trusted cloud, MS Cloud helps build digital capability and integration. It offers you independence over your apps. It’s open and trustworthy at the same time. MS Cloud is also unique in that it’s the only cloud feature to support multi-cloud, hybrid needs.

The growing power of data

Last year saw businesses trust in technology grow to connect with customers, to dig deep into sales data, predict trends – the list goes on. The power of data is growing at a colossal rate. The amount of data created over the next three years will be more than the data created over the past 30 years We share Satya’s belief that data is ‘the most strategic asset for every organisation’. MS Cloud application Power BI is the ideal solution to manage, interpret and utilise data for strategic business decision-making.

Transition to hybrid working

People want flexibility, but also more in-person collaboration. MS Cloud applications enable you to build, manage and deploy applications anywhere, anytime. Hybrid working will provide international business opportunities, it’ll allow you to grow your workforce and service offering. It’s predicted nearly ‘2 billion new connected devices will be shipped by 2023 – up more than 50% than today.’

Microsoft 365 – can you believe it?!

Wow! Windows 365 was a big surprise, but definitely a welcome one! It promises to offer a new way to experience Windows 10 or Windows 11 (when it’s available later this year) through cloud technology. It’s also the only cloud technology available on multiple devices, anytime, anywhere. Find out more about what Microsoft 365 will offer by reading our blog.

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