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Our Managing Director, Tim Mears, shares how our brand refresh better reflects Axon’s purpose, approach and culture.

Q: How has Axon developed to be the company it is today?

A: Traditionally we used to be more of a break/fix type business. Our IT support services were largely focused on clients calling us when they had an issue, and we’d fix it for them. We used to spend quite a bit of time on our client’s sites fixing their machines and servers.

That’s all changed now. The development of the cloud moved us more towards being an IT managed service provider. Every business is a digital business now and IT and tech touches all aspects. We don’t largely fix things anymore, we’re more of a strategic partner, offering our advice and helping implement cutting-edge tech to improve business processes and efficiencies.

Q: Why did you decide to do a brand refresh at Axon?

A: The technology world evolves so quickly. We have to be ahead of the consumer curve for our clients. Our knowledge, advice and solutions keep them at the forefront of the latest innovations. Ultimately the tech we implement helps meet their business objectives, solve their challenges and make them more profitable. The refreshed Axon brand, represents the business we are today and our switch from service-led to client-led. It’s also a much better reflection of our personality and culture.

Our new tagline ‘Transformational technology – just the way you need it’ reflects us being at the fore of our industry, and how the tech we help implement can transform business processes and efficiencies, in a way that meets our individual client’s objectives.

Q: What do you think makes Axon different?

A: The people. Over time we’ve built a fantastic team. They are not only motivated by tech, but we have a team who puts our clients at the fore. They not only understand tech, but more importantly, they understand what tech can do for our client’s business and the benefits. This is grounded by a deep understanding of our client’s business objectives and processes so we can choose what areas of the tech stack that’s most applicable to their business.

Q: What does Axon’s future look like?

A: It’s hard to predict what the future holds, as the tech industry changes so quickly. Every business now being a tech business isn’t going to go away. I think we’ll see more development of customised IT instead of buying off the shelf.

Using automation, not to replace staff, but to improve what staff can do will also keep developing. Our staff’s time is precious, and automation will create more time and improve efficiencies.

The amount of data being produced and how this is housed and managed is another key area. Over the next five years up to 2025, global data creation is projected to grow to more than 180 zettabytes! Developments will continue to take place to house data in a safe and secure environment and cyber security will keep evolving.

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