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If you want a simple, tried and tested CRM for your SME, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is our pick. Microsoft’s powerful customer relationship management solution offers a huge array of tools and functionalities to take your CRM game to the next level. 

If you haven’t been keeping up with all Dynamics’ latest gadgets, you might not be aware that the CRM platform is now integrating AI capabilities across its range of features, allowing businesses to enhance customer relationships and boost productivity even more. 

Read on to find out about the key AI-powered features of Dynamics 365 and the benefits they’re bringing to businesses. 

Key AI-powered features of Dynamics 365 

Microsoft Copilot 

Integrated into Dynamics 365, Copilot provides AI-driven assistance for a whole host of tasks like data analysis, customer insights, and workflow automation to save you time. To find out more about Copilot, click here. 

Sales insights 

AI helps sales teams understand customer needs, personalise engagements, and close deals faster. By analysing data from multiple sources, Dynamics 365 provides actionable insights that enhance sales strategies and customer interactions. 

Customer service  

AI-driven tools in Dynamics 365 enable faster issue resolution and improved customer support. Features like automated responses and predictive analytics help your support team can resolve issues quicker and even predict customer needs, allowing them to respond more proactively. 

Marketing automation  

Dynamics 365 uses AI to make marketing campaigns a breeze, personalising customer journeys and analysing campaign performance. This helps marketers deliver targeted messages and improve engagement. 

Finance and operations 

AI in Dynamics 365 helps streamline financial processes and improve operational efficiency. Automated workflows and predictive analytics provide real-time insights, enabling better decision-making and cost savings. 

Supply chain management 

AI-powered insights in Dynamics 365 allow businesses to predict demand, optimise inventory, and mitigate risks, ensuring your business always runs smoothly. 

Why Dynamics is right for your business 

Our Dynamics CRM solutions are flexible, easy tools to help streamline your marketing processes, track your sales pipeline, build better customer relationships and much more. 

If you want to get going with our pre-defined off-the-shelf product, we can deploy it for you in 24 hours. Does a bespoke Dynamics CRM route sound more your thing? Find out more about both by clicking here. 

Want to find out more about how Dynamics can be customised for your business’s unique priorities and timescales? Contact us for an initial chat.