Microsoft Teams security

The UK’s Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is scheduled to be switched off next year – what does this mean for businesses? 

From 31st December 2025, traditional landline telephone connections will be replaced by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services as the UK’s telephone network goes digital. 

As a result, the analogue copper cable telephone network that’s been in use for almost 150 years will be replaced by an entirely digital service that uses an internet connection to transmit your calls. 

With traditional PSTN landlines now on their last legs, it’s the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the game and make the switch now, to save yourself from any potential headaches next year. 

In this blog, we explain why making the switch early is a smart business move, and why Microsoft Teams is our business communication platform of choice. 

Why make the switch? 

Right now, 2025 might seem far off, but trust us, time flies when you’re running a business! Over 90% of UK businesses already use Teams in their day-to-day operations. Here’s why you should make the switch: 

Future-proof your communication 

With PSTN landlines becoming obsolete, relying on outdated infrastructure poses significant risks to businesses. By migrating to Teams well before the deadline, businesses future-proof their communication infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and productivity. 

Ensure a seamless transition 

By migrating to Teams early, businesses can ensure a seamless transition without the last-minute rush and any potential disruptions to operations that could come with it. 

Familiarise yourself with advanced features 

Teams offers a plethora of advanced features beyond voice and video calls, including chat, collaboration tools, integrations with third-party applications, and AI-powered functionalities. Click here for more information on the full capabilities of Teams. 

Why Microsoft Teams? 

Here’s why we recommend Teams as your new go-to communication and collaboration platform: 

High quality audio and video calls 

No more fuzzy calls or pixelated video conferences. Teams boasts top-notch audio and video quality, ensuring your conversations are crystal clear, with features like noise suppression and background blur ensuring you can always maintain a professional environment. 

Everything in one place 

Teams goes beyond audio and video calls, integrating with Office 365 apps for real-time collaborative file sharing and editing, making teamwork a breeze. 

Work on your own terms 

Whether you’re on a coffee run or working from your favourite spot in the park, Teams’ mobile app lets you work at your own convenience. Need to hop on a quick voice call or join a video conference on the go? No problem. 

Security you can trust 

Teams stays up to date with the latest security features to keep your sensitive data under lock and key. From end-to-end encryption to multi-factor authentication, Teams goes the extra mile to keep your information secure. 


As the clock ticks down towards the end of PSTN, the time is now to make the switch! By switching to Teams as early as possible, businesses can not only ensure uninterrupted communication but also unlock a plethora of advanced features to boost their collaboration and productivity. 


Want to get your organisation started with Teams? Axon IT can help you implement and optimise Microsoft Teams, ensuring your team is equipped with the essential tools they need. Contact us for an initial chat.