Microsoft Teams security

If you’ve worked remotely at any point, chances are you’ve already been using Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate with your team.  

While many users are familiar with basic functions like chat, video calls, and file sharing, there are plenty of underused and underrated features that can really boost your Teams experience when used to their full potential. 

We’ve listed our top 10 useful features of Microsoft Teams that you might not already know about. If your organisation isn’t already using Teams, read on to find out why we think making the switch now is so important. 

10 underrated features 

Together mode 

Together mode puts meeting participants in a shared virtual background, making it feel like you’re in the same room. Rather than using the same background for every call, use this feature to add a bit more personality to your meetings and keep things fresh. 

Meeting recap 

Ever missed a meeting and felt out of the loop? The meeting recap feature is a lifesaver. It provides a recording of the meeting, a transcript, chat history, and any shared files. No more guessing what was discussed – you can catch up as if you were there. 

Breakout rooms 

Breakout rooms let you create smaller, focused discussions within a larger meeting. Whether it’s a brainstorming session, a training workshop, or a team-building activity, you can split participants into smaller groups and bring them back together when you’re done. 

Approvals app 

Whether it’s annual leave, project sign-offs, or expense approvals, keeping track of approvals can be a hassle. The Approvals app simplifies the process by letting you create, manage, and track approvals within Teams, providing a centralised place for all approval processes. 

Advanced search and filters 

Trying to find that one message or file from weeks ago? Teams’ advanced search and filters can help. Use keywords, dates, or filter by person to quickly locate what you need. 

Private channels 

Private channels allow for more focused discussions among select members without creating a whole new team. This is ideal for sensitive projects or specialised groups within a larger team. 

Power Automate integration 

Wish you could automate those dull, repetitive tasks? With Power Automate, you can. Integrate Power Automate with teams and set up workflows to send notifications, schedule reminders, or move files automatically. 


The whiteboard feature in Teams is another helpful way to keep people engaged in meetings. Participants can draw, write, and share their thoughts in real time, making virtual meetings feel more like an interactive discussion and less like a lecture! 

Task management with Planner and To Do 

Ever feel like you’ve got a million tasks on your list and don’t know where to start? Teams integrates with Microsoft Planner and To Do to help you create, assign, and manage tasks directly within Teams, keeping everything organised and ensuring nothing gets overlooked. 

Live reactions and polls 

Make your meetings more engaging with live reactions and polls. Participants can give instant feedback with emojis, and you can create polls to gather opinions or make decisions on the spot. It’s a great way to make sure everyone feels like their voice is being heard. 

Why switch to Teams now? 

From 31st December 2025, traditional landline telephone connections will be replaced by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services as the UK’s telephone network goes digital. 

With traditional PSTN landlines now on their last legs, it’s the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the game and make the switch now. 

Microsoft Teams can be your trusty business telephone system for both internal and external landline calls, accessible from your desktop and mobile. 

Microsoft Teams Phone service is here to help you modernise your voice calling systems. Don’t wait until next year; make the switch now and save yourself from potential headaches. 

Want to get your organisation started with Teams? Axon IT can help you implement and optimise Microsoft Teams, ensuring your team is equipped with the essential tools they need. Click here to contact us.