What is Dynamics 365

A CRM helps you generate sales, revenue, and improve your everyday efficiencies. Yet not all businesses have one. Advanced CRM options and a shortage of IT resources are two main reasons SMEs are late on the uptake. Imagine if there was a way that you could unlock the power of a CRM in 24 hours…

Introducing our SME version of Dynamics 365. The system is packed with all the best parts of the CRM. Powerful insights? Tick. A platform for collaboration? We’re all over it. And the best part is, we’ve packaged it up so it can be installed within a day.

What is Dynamics 365?

Gain detailed insights, improve remote collaboration and speed up processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365. More than your off-the-shelf CRM, it connects data across your sales funnel to create leads, close sales and ultimately, increase revenue.

What’s great about the solution is that it works with your current tools and systems – attach product information into chat tools or pull through data from your current Excel sheets. Plus, hop into the pipeline management tool to see predicted revenue data and business areas that need improvement to gain awareness of team priorities. In terms of customer service, it gathers call insights and suggests next steps to continuously improve the success rate of sales calls.

How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 benefit businesses?

Increases collaboration

Say goodbye to isolated teams. Since it slots into your existing tech stack, teams will have a real-time view of data, meaning their work will be informed by the same insights. Plus, the cloud dashboard can be accessed from anywhere, opening a world of remote collaboration.

Provides deeper insights

Teams will have sight of real-time data from across the sales pipeline and can adjust dashboards to gain deeper insights from within their department. Increasing efficiencies & empowering decision making.

Speeds up processes and informs decisions

By automating mundane tasks, employees can focus on priorities. Plus, with plenty of data and suggested next steps at their disposal, they can make effective decisions, fast.

Tailors your customer’s experience

Split customers into segments and target messaging to their specific wants and needs. The CRM joins up the messaging across the sales funnel too. So, customers will always receive a consistent experience.

Looks to the future

React to changes or future problems with a view of real-time and forecasted data.

How can Axon help you?

Dynamics 365 is amazing, but we know that SMEs don’t need all the tools and costs that come with the Enterprise package. So, we’ve created our own version with all the best functions of the CRM, that’s flexible, easy-to-use and cost-effective.

Perfect for small to mid-size businesses, some of the top benefits include:

  • Get up and running in 24 hours
  • A powerful solution at a low cost
  • Add a competitive edge to the business
  • Save time and money upskilling staff

After it’s set up, you’ll be free to explore the tools across contact management, sales pipeline, order management and reporting. One of the first things to notice is the range of benefits it has to offer, including:

Cuts back costs

Usually, a CRM implementation can require a lot of skills and time. However, we’ve already put our resource into that, so all you need to do is hit the button. And once installed, the system can get to work, cutting through workflows and automating talks to improve project efficiencies.

Boosts revenue

The solution can analyse sales calls and suggest the next steps for a customer service agent to follow up on. Accelerating the number of deals closed.

Improves the customer experience

Thanks to the open collaboration created by the platform, customers receive consistent messaging throughout their journey.

Excited to get started? Get in touch with our tech gurus to find out more.