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In April 2020, the remote workforce grew to nearly half of all workers – and 98% expressed wanting to have the option to work from home for the rest of their careers. Microsoft Teams had a huge uptake throughout the pandemic, with over 115 million people around the world now relying on Microsoft Teams to help them stay connected, seamlessly collaborate, and simplify work in a secure, compliant way.

We’ve put together some reasons why you should consider Microsoft Teams for your business…

Accomplish more with intelligent collaboration

  • Built in protection – Helps prevent data loss, reduce risks of malicious files, and regulate access.
  • Easy integration – Deploys low or no code tools and automates complex processes which many find challenging.
  • End to end collaboration – Seamlessly co-author, works across interfaces, and keep persistent discussions – anywhere, anytime.
  • Inclusive workplaces– Supports diverse workforces across many different languages, abilities, workstyles, and technical skillsets.
  • Full telephone system – allows you to have messaging, meetings, and calls all in one place.
Why Teams may be better for your business

  1. Other solutions can host online meetings, but you may need additional 3rd party tools to fully equip your teams to collaborate remotely.
  2. Other solutions lack low-code custom apps, bots, automated workflows,
    and data integrations, which means developer time, effort, and cost to build out solutions.
  3. Other solutions lack critical security features, like preventing data loss or stopping users from opening malicious files.

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